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December 12, 2007

Professional Cougar Hunting

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Lisa LampanelliFootball is so worried about who killed some dogs and who videotaped who, but the real crime here is that someone slept around went cougar hunting. And this was no ordinary cougar; this was a fat and ugly cougar — Lisa Lampanelli. Are you disgusted now? Please take a moment to get a drink to wash that little bit of throw up in your mouth out. This post isn’t going anywhere while you do that (actually, like all my posts, it’s not going anywhere, ever).

Now that you’ve freshened up, I hope you’re with me that this player needs to be punished/fined/penalized for giving the business/beaten severely. The problem here is that Lisa didn’t name any names, she only gave clues. So basically we have to play a game of Guess Who with the members of the Chicago Bears using the clues Lisa gives. Those clues are:

  • He is in his 20’s
  • He is black (or “mocha latte”)
  • He has tattoos
  • He is southern
  • He is not a starter
  • He had an injured ankle this season
  • He has a curved penis (more…)

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