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September 26, 2007

Halo and the Listy Blogosahedron

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John “Master Chief” HarvardI don’t have all the time in the world for my post because Halo 3 is here, and I have to get back to helping Cortana and killing aliens. So I’ll just send you to a few lists I’ve recently read in the Blogo-Icosahedron (or Blogosahedron for short).

The first is a list of sports blogger types from Epic Carnival. Where do you think the NoS writers fit in to that? What are we missing? I know we need another writer, so perhaps I should find someone that helps us round out this list.

The second is a baseball is better than men list from Babes Love Baseball. So I figured I could extend the ‘Women > Baseball > Men’ list thing and say Why Women are Better Than Baseball:

  1. Women don’t disappear and exist on rumors for 6 months of the year.
  2. Women are much better at fitting dates into your schedule. When was the last time a baseball game was delayed because you had to work late or go on a business trip?
  3. Women try to look good for you, Baseball teams keep JD Drew on the roster.
  4. Women are sensitive. There’s no crying in baseball. (I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.)
  5. Women listen to you when you’re upset or angry (then they twist those words at a later time).
  6. Most women are hotter than most baseball players. (to me anyways)
  7. You have a much wider choice when it comes to women. With baseball, you have about 30 choices, with most of those being long distance relationships.
  8. Women are unpredictable. Add some excitement to your life.
  9. A good women will enjoy baseball with you.
  10. Most women don’t give you an 86 year drought without going all the way.

Ok, go enjoy Halo 3, or make me a list that says men are better than baseball (if that is even possible).

June 20, 2007

The Blogo-icosahedron is a large and hilarious place

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CheerleadersA friend of mine has started a sports trivia site,, check it out – it should only take you about 2 games to catch up to me on the overall leaderboard. It’s still a bit early in the development and he is coding everything himself, but it’s already fun.

Aside from trivia, there’s a lot going on out there in the world, and here are some on the things I found funny and interesting:

Kobe is possibly looking to be traded. I wonder where he is asking to go?

Curtis Granderson wrote in his blog about everyone wanting to marry him.

Elijah Dukes calls a radio station, and talks about the price of crack in the hood.

I’m always a big fan of crazy injuries sustained by athletes, so a salad injury is hilarious.

The Extrapolater does some research on the first Japanese player in the Major League.

We’ve talked about X-treme Baseball before, but Blumpkins For All (what a great name for a blog) went to a game.

Kissing Suzy Kolber has created a guide to American football for the English to help them prepare for the game next year.

With all those great links, I don’t know if you’ll have time, but here are some videos: (more…)

June 13, 2007

David Wells Is Indistinguishable From A Zombie At Distances Over 20 Yards

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Is anyone watching the White Sox / Phillies game?

Juan Uribe just charged Kyle Kendrick (if you can call that shambling of a gait a “charge”) and attempted to gnaw open his skull.

Every Sox player has been thrown out attempting to steal second. Even the normally peppy Darin Erstad got caught with this dazed look on his face.

And every single batter has tried bunting at least twice.

More updates from your NerdsOnSports team as the situation develops.

June 6, 2007

Can’t Post; Reading Blogs

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University of Arizona Softball TeamI’ve been browsing the sports blogo-icosahedron, and I do this all the time now that I have my own blog. It has to be done; blogging is a team sport, and when a teammate does well you have to pat him or her on the ass. Plus, if I think of anything good to say (highly doubtful), posting a comment elsewhere usually creates a nice pretty link back to here.

Of course I find the hot women of University of Arizona Softball. I find a sports blog post about video games that someone here didn’t write. I also learn of the record breaking ratings for the NHL playoffs this year, but most of my time has been clogged up with the Hot Blogger Brackets of the Ladies…

Why is this affecting me so? Because I never knew how many freaking sports blogs were out there. Damn. I’m trying to read bits and pieces of all of them to see which ones are good enough to be added to my RSS reader. This is causing me to open a mega-ton of Firefox tabs. So much so that now when I do Ctrl+Alt+Del I can see that my firefox.exe process is using 395,744 K.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to Calvin Johnson’s contract before my computer crashes and I lose ev%#¬yk thî^ng^&^§¬¬

May 23, 2007

Women — Can’t bang random chicks with ’em; Can’t bang random women if they don’t exist

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Allison Stokke - Hot High School Pole VaulterI’m like most guys — I like sports and women and never the twain shall meet. Though, if the internet and blogo-icosahedron (yes blogs are a 20-sided die) have any say the 2 shall never part. The picture on the left is of Allison Stokke, a high school pole vaulter from California. Do a Google search for her and you get over 185,000 results. About a pole vaulter. In High School. Now do a search for Rudy Ruettiger. Half the results. The Internet has spoken, and it wants you to know about women and sports.

So I listened. And I heard some crazy stories. Like a female golfer from Dubai who had a terrible sexual escapade and related that story with puns. The Philadelphia Cheerleaders have a blog. Who cares that Brad Penny is 5-1 with a 2.54 ERA, he’s doing Eliza Dushku. And very recently I came across an elimination battle of hot wives and girlfriends.

After the crazy sexy women stuff, it started to get weird. (more…)

May 9, 2007


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Hey Livejournal users,

Duckalmighty has created a syndicated feed for this very blog. Add it to your friends page! Never miss a single tired joke or Go-Bots reference! Consolidate your morning blogs into one indigestible lump! It’s the only way.

May 5, 2007

A Bloggidy Linktank

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Brady Quinn likes to touch menThere is a lot of fun stuff going on on the web. You should check some of it out.

If your wondering about the picture here and what first round draft pick Brady Quinn is doing, I think Kissing Susy Kolber may be able to explain things about the pictures and about his girlfriend.

Or perhaps you’d like to see some Drunk Athletes goofing off and having a good time. The David Ortiz pictures are funny because he has a giant smile when being kissed by 2 girls, but he’s all “oh no you don’t” to the guy.

As for funny pictures, check out some soccer plans for a few national teams.

If soccer and Shakespeare came together, a DC United fan blog has the Starting 11 that would result from such a beautiful unholy marriage.

I leave you with some David Ortiz commercials: (more…)

May 1, 2007

On-Base Percentage / “The Bubble”

Two crucial posts from elsewhere in Internovia:

1. From Fire Joe Morgan, the blog that wants ESPN to fire, well, inept baseball commentator Joe Morgan:

[sez Morgan] “but that’s how people compare statistics. My point is you can’t compare things with statistics.”

Think about that, people. “You can’t compare things with statistics.”

Exactly what, one might be tempted to ask, as one’s hands were shaking so badly one would think one had just survived an assassination attempt, might one use to compare things? Metaphor? How about the infallible human memory? Or perhaps poesy?

Much have I traveled, in realms of gold
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen
Round many Western Islands have I been,
And I have observed some stuff about some shortstops
Bill Hall did not have a monster year
Derek Jeter has a calmer set of eyes
David Eckstein is super clutch
Please don’t show me statistics that disprove my observations

2. Via Mahalanobis (which I typically don’t even read for sports), the following:

Watching the NFL (ie, real football for non-Americans) draft last weekend, they would often mention some prospect “has a good bubble”. I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about, but got confirmation on the radio today. It means they have a good–big–butt. As the gluteus maximus, or buttock muscle, is the largest muscle in the human body, it is useful signal of overall musculature.

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