The Nerds on Sports Nickname App for

(App No Longer Exists)

Some Screenshots:


Some names are front page news


The News Page shows all the new nicknames









View a player’s nickname from your lineup page


Nicknames also available on the player profile


Why Nicknames?

Baseball has always been home to great nicknames. For example: “Shoeless” Joe, “Ol’ Stubblebeard,” “Biscuit Pants,” “Sultan of Swat,” or “Colossus of Clout.” Heck, some of our favorite players of the “old-timey” days are only known by their nicknames: Richard “Goose” Gossage, John “Boog” Powell, William “Kid” Gleason, and Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. I don’t want to see this nickname heritage die. Just looking at the Wikipedia page for baseball nicknames, I see at least 7 Rubes, and in today’s game I’m sure there are a few rubes that are going unnamed. Let’s end the madness.

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