… I’ve already had to use my cell phone to make a last minute roster change.

… I’ve already had a baseball-related bad dream.

… I’ve already lamented (only half-jokingly) that my season is over.

… I’ve already begun to think about this year’s keepers.

… I’ve already said out loud “thank god baseball’s back.”

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  • … I’m contemplating jailbreaking my iPhone so that I can use a web browser that doesn’t identify as mobile so I can see the normal web layout of cbssports.com. It’s frustrating that the mobile version of their site is the one thing I hate about them. At least I can attempt to make roster moves.

    … I don’t remember my dreams, but if I did, I sure hope there’s baseball in it.

    … Rebuilding year.

    … If I win the league, only then will keeping David Wright again be worth it. Of course he might be a good trade option.

    … Thank god/allah/budda/leprechauns/mermaids that baseball is back!

  • angryed

    you’re right– your season IS over.

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