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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to the Blogosahedron

FrankenRedSox FanI think having a free taco and giving out free tacos to children only slightly dressed up at my doorstep has ruined my writing energy for the week. So I shall tell you where else you can go for some exciting things. Of course, I will mix in some fun pictures, because Google Image Search is our biggest visitor (by biggest, I mean only – I don’t think anyone gets here without going through Google) and I have to keep them happy.

The Pumpkin House
Cheerleaders in costume

Also, if you haven’t seen this yet… Watch it!


More fun videos if you’re still interested after getting to this point in my post: Wakefield, RedSox + Mario, and loose college girls.

  • I can’t believe Deadspin singled out Will Ferrell’s Robert Goulet impression (good as it may be) and said nothing about Robert Goulet’s Emerald Nuts commercials. Perhaps his last recorded work!

  • angryed

    There’s a guy in Everett I used to see on the bus all the time (he takes the 106/99 buses to Wellington station) who could make a career out of being a Robert Goulet lookalike. He always looks very miserable, so I am assuming that he has not cashed in on this.

    I also used to see a Hitler lookalike on the 105 Sullivan Square route- it wasn’t just the moustache, but the whole look- height, face, etc.

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