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July 30, 2007

[Business Day One] Verges and Cusps

I woke up this morning to a busy sports world. Or, rather, a sports world that is about to become very busy. It seems as if a hundred different, sports-important things are about to take place over the next 24 hours.  I’m going to look at what I’m seeing at the Top Four.

-Barry Bonds is about to tie Hank Aaron.

-Alex Rodriguez is about to hit 500.

-One of the Michael Vick “co-conspirators” is about to enter a plea (and assuredly testify against Vick).

-Sources are reporting that a Kevin Garnett deal is imminent (WEEI reports it has already happened).

Heck of a way to start the work week, really. Of those four potentially huge “unfolding over the next day” stories, only one of them has some positives ramifications. Bonds is about to tie to most hallowed record in sports and there are doubts whether the commissioner of baseball will even be there. Football’s most athletically gifted quarterback is having his camp start to turn on him. And one of basketball’s most historically significant teams is about to demolish it’s future for a two year championship window. Looks like A-rod will be shouldering all of the positive sports energy of this early week.

That is, unless Jose Canseco’s hard-hitting investigation has anything to say about it.

If we fold the implied steroid allegations into the A-rod story, that means that four of the top stories in sports right this second are negative or somehow tainted. I’m not going to throw up my hands and lament the death of purity – it’s not even 10 a.m. yet for me. But this is something that makes me stop for a second and shrug.

It’s Monday morning, and we have to take some bitter coffee with our milk and sugar.

  • favreauj

    I was shocked when i heard that the kg deal was back on, and even more shocked when during a 40 minute commute this morning, i heard zero negative comments about the deal. Somebody needs to take the celtics to task for this.

  • McComas

    As a child, basketball was my game. I followed the Celtics, I knew every name, and even had their trading cards in triple embossed foil laminate holo whatnot.

    Eventually, my fancies shifted and I lost touch with the game, the point that I don’t recognize most of the players. However, for his loyalty and fire, KG has stayed in my consciousness while playing a sport I no longer care about.

    I hear tell that giving up this Jefferson fellow in such a trade would be a grave error for the future of the franchise, but still, I will actually tune in and (gasp) buy tickets to watch KG play. I’m not saying it is a good trade, nor am I saying I am good hoops fan (I’m not), but I am Ainge’s fantasy: one of a million of lapsed fans who will put down dollars and open eyeballs for last year’s NBA worst record Celtics. I am just waiting for word to come over the wire.

  • Serpico

    McComas, I agree with you. It’s not a good trade. But dammit, it’ll get me interested in Celts basketball.

  • angryed

    yeah…but the real solution is more white players for white guys to start watching again …just kidding…. 😆 😛

  • McComas

    There is something to be said for all those massive, ugly eastern European players from the late 90’s who could shoot and had killer fundamentals.

    Like Mr. No:

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